Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-Employment Assessments gives your small business the hiring edge you need.

pre-employment_assessments_1Using Pre-employment assessments to screen your potential new hires gives you an objective perspective on your hiring practices. Your employees are your business. They interface with your customers and make your business a business. Knowing who they are and what they are all about BEFORE you hire them reduces your exposure to making a decision you will regret later.

The hireGEMS® human resources for small business service makes it easy for you to make great hiring decisions without having to spend a lot or invest a lot of your time. The system allows you to screen potential candidates either at your business location or remotely. All you need is the candidates’ email address and you can either launch the system on your location’s computer or a tablet, or send the applicant an emailed link to start the process.

Our hiring assessments are not general compatibility or personality tests. They have been scientifically developed to determine how a person will behave on the job. Originally used for the restaurant industry where high turnover and a fast paced intense environment is the norm. Regardless of your business, our pre-employment assessments will give you an objective insight into who the person is and how well they will perform on the job.

The hireGEMS Pre-Employment Assessments Service

whatisapplicYou select which pre-employment assessments you want your potential hires to complete. It starts with sending your new hire candidate an Applic® and then you select which employment assessment you want them to complete.

The Applic® is a shortened version of an employment application, optimized for online delivery and completion. Click the image to see a sample Applic.

In addition to the Applic, you select which pre-employment assessments you want your potential new hire to complete. You can send just one, or all six of them for the applicant to fill out. Select from the following:

Work Ethic & Integrity (Click to See a Sample Report)
o Will your new employee do a good job, show up on time for work and be conscientious about their job? Use this assessment to determine if they have the integrity and work ethic you want exhibited in your employees.

Customer Service (Click to See a Sample Report)
o What social skills does your potential new hire have? This assessment measures their ability to treat customers with respect and develop rapport with others.

Leadership/Management (Click to See a Sample Report)
o Is the candidate able to lead others, take charge and solve problems on the fly? Do they exhibit the necessary toughness and compassion that an excellent manager possesses? This pre-employment leadership/management assessment provides you insight into their potential managerial traits.

>Antagonistic Behavior (Click to See a Sample Report)
o Measure the candidate on dimensions ranging from passive-aggressive to hostile behavior when presented with anxiety producing situations. Helps you determine if the person is susceptible to violence or possible harassment.

Sales Potential (Click to See a Sample Report)
o Need to make sure your new employee can push your products? Will they feel comfortable selling, identifying customers needs and deal with objections? This employment assessment gives you the confidence to hire your next best salesperson.

Working with Numbers (Click to See a Sample Report)
o This is an assessment that measures basic math and ability to work with money for pricing and to make changes. Great for new cashiers.

The Applic® and the TraitSet® pre-employment assessments can be completed by a candidate on a computer, a tablet
or a mobile phone. Once the applicant completes the Applic and the chosen pre-employment testing, you receive the
results to your hireGEMS dashboard in just 15 seconds.

Trait Definitions

Insights and Interview Questions Included with Pre-Employment Assessments

Simply knowing how a potential new hire answers the questions on these inventories is not enough. We supply you with computer generated assessment insights into what the answers mean. This gives you an experts view of the pre-employment assessment, complete with interview questions to ask based on their responses.

Even if you have never hired an employee before, or have hired “bad” employees in the past, the guidance you receive from the hireGEMS pre-employment assessments make you an “old pro” when it comes to selecting the right candidate for your business.

Your hireGEMS® Dashboard

As a subscriber you have access to your dashboard that allows you to choose the pre-employment assessments you want to send your applicants. It also allows you to organize the responses and ratings for each applicant. If your business has several locations, you can also assign specific locations to applicants. This is a great enhancement that makes it easy to stay organized.

Get Started
Are you ready to get started on making smarter hiring decisions in less time? Simply pick your subscription plan and you’ll be well on your way.

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