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hireGEMS TraitSet assessments were designed to use the speed of internet delivery, and the power of computerized scoring, for immediate and accurate knowledge about how a person will behave on the job. This is achieved using over a dozen “traits” that align with specific behaviors, such as: work ethic, integrity, customer service, leadership/management, antagonistic behavior and sales potential.

Using our Pre-employment assessment for employee screening gives you the objective edge you need to make the right hire.

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What is an Applic?

An Applic is the hireGEMS streamlined pre-employment application. The Applic is designed for fast completion by the applicant via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The applicant enters their personal information directly into the Applic while in your place of business, at home or on the go. The Applic is sent via email or displayed on your business’ computer where the applicant is applying from. It’s designed to save you time when screening applicants.

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Human Resources For Small Business

hireGEMS is human resources for small business. We have blended computer technology with the best hiring practices of today’s most successful businesses. We provide you with employee screening tools and human resources systems to keep your new hire candidates organized and prioritized. Using our Pre-employment assessment for employee screening gives you the objective edge you need to make the right hire.

It doesn’t end there. With your subscription plan you also receive:

  • Sex Offender Registry Lookups
  • Work Eligibility Verification
  • hireGEMS Mobile App
  • Subscriber Hiring Dashboard
  • And much more…

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Subscription Plans Priced For Your Needs

As employee screening services go, HireGEMS is very competitively priced. For less than $2 per assessment with our Platinum Plan, you can screen candidates with as many as 6 pre-employment testing assessments with a Free Applic for every candidate.

Don’t let the low price fool you, subscribers also get unlimited access to advanced candidate analysis that pinpoints their strengths and weaknesses. Subscribers also get access to a custom dashboard to organize and evaluate candidates.

We’ve even optimized your entire experience for all your devices; laptop, phone or tablet.

Leave the HR to us, and start working smarter.

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“We have ridiculously reduced our turnover rate in our five stores by using the program to determine if they have above-average work ethic/integrity, customer service and/or leadership/management aptitude. It is inexpensive and really works well.”Jim Bitzonis, Esq, President
Four M Capital, LLC, Buffalo Wild Wings
"My people are excited about the results: time savings, better candidates to interview, and less time wasted with non-qualified candidates."Arthur Lee, Managing Member
Lee Wesley Restaurants, LLC Burger King
"In mid February we had about 100 applicants who were each asked to go through the hireGEMS TraitSet® assessment. Based on the scores each candidate received, we made a determination to go on with another interview … 25 people."Bill Kassab, Owner/Operator
Coffee Beanery/Cinnabon
"hireGEMS has been an asset to our interviewing process over the past year, we’re using this tool … to help in the process of building a strong, guest focused team. I would most definitely recommend hireGEMS"April Cobb, General Manager
Big Apple Bagel
"We use it as a guideline to ask questions in the personal interviews, if somebody scored low in one subject, we might delve into that a little more in the personal interview."Nancy Bennett, Beef O Brady's
Director of New Partner Training
and Human Resources