Employee Screening

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New Hire Employee Screening

New hire employee screening is often a hodge-podge of questions and applications that are not scientifically designed to extract the essence of who your potential new hire is. Enter hireGEMS®. Using scientifically developed pre-employment assessments with complete analysis of each applicant’s answers and customized interviewer questions gives small business owners and hiring managers the insights they need to make the right decision.

In addition to pre-employment assessments, you also receive additional employee screening resources including:

–   Pre-employment Assessments – Scientifically designed assessments make it easy for you to screen out candidates who do not meet your requirements. Learn more

–   Sex Offender Registry Locator – Quickly determine if a candidate is a known sex offender.

–   eVerify Employment Eligibility – Make sure that you are hiring employees that are eligible for employment in the US. Helps you maintain a legal workforce.

–   Background Checks – Perform criminal background checks and credit checks for potential hires. Not knowing the background of a new hire can cost you dearly. (additional fee)

As an outsourced service for small business human resources, hireGEMS provides small and mid-sized businesses an all-in-one solution for employee screening.

Benefits of Automating the Employee Screening Process

By using hireGEMS® employment screening services you reap multiple benefits:

Greatly Reduce Turnover

  • Choosing the right employees means you don’t have to go through the hiring process as often. Lower turnover also reduces long term costs.

Reduce Training Costs

  • Hiring the right employee means you don’t have to train multiple new hires only to find out they aren’t a good fit for your business.

Save Management Time

  • By using employee screening that pinpoints the right candidates immediately, the hiring process is shortened and managers spend their time more efficiently.

Increase Organization

  • Using the hireGEMS dashboard and mobile app, managers and small business owners can reduce paperwork and be more organized in their hiring efforts.

Scalable Solution

  • From one employee to hundreds, the hireGEMS system easily handles any volume of candidates you can throw at it. The system seamlessly integrates multiple locations and allows you to screen applicants either in person at your location, or remotely by sending them an email with links to complete their application and assessments.

Better Interview Questions

  • When you get your list narrowed down, the hireGEMS system sends back your assessments insights complete with individually chosen interview questions to ask the applicant based on their responses to the assessments. Never search for the right question to get the real answers, now you have them in front of you.

Cost Effective

  • For as low as $2 per assessment and an always free Applic® (streamlined employment application) the hireGEMS employee screening service is one of the best values in small business human resources. Have a professional and scientific approach to hiring new employees for less than the cost of the ink in your printer.

Make Employee Screening Easier on You and Your Staff

Get started within minutes and make your hiring headaches a thing of the past. Have candidates fill out the Applic and Assessments in your place of business, or send them an email that links them to a hireGEMS hosted page. Everything has already been thought out for you to screen your new hires. All a small business owner or hiring manager has to do is collect an email, select which assessments they want the applicant to complete and hit send.

It’s all automated from there. You receive an Assessment Insight Report within 15 seconds of the candidate completing it. The Insight Report includes the individual’s scores for the particular assessment chosen (see Pre-Employment Assessments page for the specific assessment types) plus interview questions customized to that applicant’s answers. Making it easy for any small business owner or hiring manager to interview like an old pro, and get an honest assessment of the person in front of you.

Are you ready to make better hiring decisions in less time? Review Pricing Plans here.