What are credits?
Credits are your method of payment to purchase and use hireGEMS assessments. Some assessments use one credit and some combinations of assessments use more than one credit.
How are credits purchased?
First create an account. Then, navigate to the “My Account” page and select the Credits tab to purchase the desired number of credits. All major credit cards are accepted.
How can I see my available credits?
The total credits available in your account are shown upon login at the top of every page. Every time a hireGEMS assessment is used, the appropriate number of credits will be deducted from the available credits shown.
How do I receive assessment results?
Within 15 seconds of the applicant completing their Applic, or Assessment, the report appears in the launch history page. From the launch history page you can click on “Report” to view the report.
How do I view my hireGEMS Launch History?
Login and navigate to “My Account” and click the Launch History tab.
What is “Launch History”?
After the Applicant completes their Applic or Assessment the history is updated. Your Launch History includes: Applicant’s name, date completed, a link to the report and if the assessment was sent by email.
What is an Applic?
An Applic is the hireGEMS brief employment application. The completion of the Applic is free and is designed for fast completion by the applicant via a computer, tablet or smartphone.
What information is available in “Launch History”?
After the Applicant completes their Applic , and/or assessment, the history is updated. Launch history will include: Questionnaire name, applicant’s name, date completed, launch method (at location or sent via email), as well as a link to the results.