How We Do It

How hireGEMS Does It

hireGEMS® gives smaller businesses the power to pre-screen online application via TraitSet® assessments. TraitSet® Assessments can be accessed on iPads, Droid Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and Smartphones. Applicants can apply online or at your place of business – virtually anywhere that has internet access! You can even email the link to a potential candidate you want to assess.

Applicants to be assessed will complete a short employment application called an “Applic”- as well as any TraitSet behavioral assessments that are selected from the hireGEMS library. Choose from behavioral assessments that best fits the intended position. Some examples include: Work-Ethic-Integrity, Customer Service, Leadership-Management, Sales Potential, Antagonistic-Behavior or Money-Math.

post_ad_iconStep 1.
Post your job ad. Post your employment ad online, in local papers or on your front window. For online ads and print ads, you can simply have the candidate send you an email to start the process. For in person applicants you can have them complete the Applic and pre-employment assessments on your business computer or a tablet.

email_in_iconStep 2.
Collect eMail from Applicants.For applicants that find the position online they can send you an email. Once you collect emails you now have everything you need to start the process.

email_out_iconStep 3.
Send Applic® and selected Pre-employment Assessments to applicants. Once you have the applicant’s email, you can send them an Applic® and any number of pre-employment assessments. When they receive your email, it will already be pre-formatted and all they have to do is click on the link and they will be taken to a hireGEMS® hosted page for them to fill out the Applic and pre-selected assessments. For walk in applicants, you can launch the service from your dashboard and have the applicant start the process on your computer or tablet.

pen_iconStep 4.
Applicant completes Applic and Pre-Employment Assessments online. Applicants who receive your email can fill out the Applic and pre-employment assessments on an iPad or Android Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or Smartphone. Walk-ins, can use your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. When finished they hit Send and you receive the results to your hireGEMS® dashboard.

littledudeStep 5.
Receive Applic and Assessment Score Reports to your hireGEMS® dashboard. When you log into your dashboard you can see a history of applications sent and which applicants have completed the Applic and pre-employment assessments. Within 15 seconds of the applicant completing the paperwork, the results show up on your dashboard. Using a color coded system you can easily see which applicants have scored well and which have not. In depth computer algorithm based analysis of applicant’s responses gives you an objective measure to gauge how well an employee will perform on the job. In addition to the analysis, you also receive suggested interview questions to ask those candidates that you select for in person interviews.

thumbs_up_iconStep 6.
Choose the best applicants to invite to an interview. Once you receive the results, you can select the applicants that fit your ideal traits best. You can then send them an email or call them (you receive their contact information on the Applic) to schedule an in-person interview. With the Assessment Score Reports in hand, you’ll have a pre-scripted interview questions based on their individual personality and traits all ready to go.

checkmarkStep 7.
Hire your next best employee. Once you have narrowed the field and you get a feeling for the right person, you’ll be able to make an offer. With the hireGEMS® system you’ll know that you didn’t make a decision based solely on a subjective basis.


It’s that simple, and your hireGEMS® dashboard keeps it all in perfect order for you.  Are you ready to spend less on the hiring process, reduce turnover, and increase your efficiency?  Pick your plan and get started today.